Katie Dickinson

The Gentle Gardener

A Little About Me...

Hello and firstly thanks for wanting to find out more about us, so what can I tell you about us.

I’m Katie, a 30 (something…) passionate gardener who has always had a interest for gardens and everything related, and am very fortunate to be doing a job that I love doing.

I am very proud to be able to work with the residents of Torbay through Marldon, Paignton, Torquay and Brixham on their gardens helping to grow, cultivate, maintain and assist them with their needs.

So Why Chose Us...

There are a few gardening companies around the bay, some very talented people out there… so what sets us apart from the rest?

Unlike many “Hack’n’Slash” gardeners out there, I wanted to be a little different and wanted to take more care of peoples gardens. Because of that I decided to put myself through college to obtain a Level 3 Sub Diploma in Horticulture achieving a grade Distinction Star” which I am immensely proud of. It was a wonderful surprise to find out afterwards that of all the students in my year, my tutors had put me forward to receive an “Award For Innovation” 

Using the knowledge I have obtained over the years I feel confident to say that my qualifications are primarily set me apart. While my husband and I still take care of the day to day garden jobs, grass cutting, edging, trimming etc, I am able to also focus on overall garden health, individual plant care taking in to consideration each plants requirements, correct pruning, effective protection and quality feeding and much more.

Due to a growing client list I have decided to expand to a be a small family business working alongside my husband Simon and son Ethan on some jobs, we are available to hire for many horticultural practices and techniques with a passion for propagation, gardening and crop production.

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