I’m Simon and like Katie I have always had a keen interest in gardening and loved being up the allotment or pottering around the garden. 

Seeing how busy she was with all the repeat business and the steady stream on new clients she was taking on, I stepped in on my days off from my previous work to help out, but even that was not enough, so it was time to say goodbye to the old 9-5 and hello to the much more interesting world of gardening.

I love working with Katie and its great seeing how the different gardens change over the time as well as the joy and satisfaction that customers get out of them.

I have achieved a “garden design and maintenance” diploma to help further my knowledge. I’ve been part of The Gentle Gardeners for a while now and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our lovely customers and their gardens as well as even doing the more heavy duty clearance work when needed.

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