Gardener Services

Are you looking for a friendly, knowledgeable local gardener? If so look no further because here at The Gentle Gardener we rely on our experience and skill to achieve the high level of service that our customers expect. 

We work with both commercial and domestic clients around beautiful Torbay, giving us chance to maintain gardens in Torquay, Marldon, Paignton and Brixham for customers who have come to trust and continue to use our services over the years.

We are proud to be able to offer a range of services to tend to your garden. If you need a gardener to tend to your general weekly tasks like weeding, lawn mowing and ground maintenance, or specifics like soil testing and propagation, we are happy to help keep your garden happy and healthy.

Gardener using a lawn mower in Torquay

Gardener Services

Mowing & Strimming • Dead Heading • Hedge Trimming • Pressure Washing • Weeding • Small Tree Pruning and felling

Advice on improving the health of your plants and avoiding a build up of pests and diseases


Propagation by way of seeds or cuttings to high hygiene levels, care and success. We implement a range of skills for successful propagation from cuttings, layering, division, budding and grafting.

Gardener potting up plants in Torquay
Gardener raking soil in Torbay


Do you want to improve your soil?

We start by analysing your soil through soil testing to advice to determine how best to improve soil quality for optimal plant growth.


As a local gardener with our own allotment we can help with small scale crop production, such as a market garden or smallholding, organic crop care and production.

If you are choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones we are here to help.

Gardener growing crops in Torbay
Pressure Washing Torbay

Pressure Washing

While we love working hard to make your gardens look lovely, it was mentioned by some customers that they feel let down by the cleanliness of their patios, driveways, decking and slabs.

As a result we are also able to offer pressure washing services to clean off that embedded dirt and grime and leave your patios, decks, driveways and more looking like new again.

Using  a high powered 3050PSI 210 BAR variable nozzle pressure washer we are able to adjust the jets of pressure to cater for different surfaces to ensure a high level of cleaning.

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